My Platform


How to reduce the burden of taxation on the citizenry


Future impact on the US population


Automation, New jobs, and a higher, happier quality of life 


Values and morals in 21st century America


Clean air and clean water for future generations 


Tough law and order, safe streets, and efficient policing



George supports a flat 15% tax rate for all businesses. Corporate taxation is a form of double taxation, as instead of paying tax to the government businesses should use the money to increase salaries, expand operations, invest in new technologies, and increase research & development. A flat tax also makes it far easier to keep track of corporate revenues and profits.


Repair and Maintain Infrastructure – Common rainfall should not be a burden on our residents. Our runoff and sewer systems should be able to handle the amount of rainfall expected in Broome County. Yet, some areas of Vestal get water levels that flood homes after only 3-4 inches of rainfall.  This is a particular problem for residents living north of Vestal Parkway. George will fight to insure that the financial and technical resources that are needed are deployed to fix this.




Reduce Traffic – Traffic on Vestal Pkwy is at an all-time high, particularly during morning and evening rush hour, and shows no signs of abating. George willseek to work with the University as well as businesses in the area to create a long-term plan to address increased traffic.  


I will pursue a tenable grant that will allow the Town of Vestal to renovate its Library. The Library hosts many important events, cultural affairs, and functions as a social center for the Town of Vestal. It is currently in subpar shape and this should not be allowed to continue. A tenable grant will allow the Library to be renovated both on its exterior and interior, and once again become an shining beacon of knowledge in Broome County. 

Reduce Crime – enforce our laws to the letter and support the Sheriff’s Office with the resources they need to do their duty.

In accordance with the principle of term limits - George will serve only 2 terms